Meetings, Programs, and Events

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Meetings: the Heritage Group meets at our Clubhouse at 10:30 am on the first Wednesday of each month from September through May.

Each meeting includes: club business, a program, usually an outside speaker, and a brown bag or potluck lunch. Table decorations are created by a hostess team for each meeting.

Events: The second week of the month features a mix of fun and educational field trips or off-site activities.  

May 2022 Event

What:  Lunch and a Little Shopping
When:  May 11, 2022
Where:  Mendocino Farms at M-K-T

Let's meet for lunch at 11:30 at Mendocino Farms. Mendocino Farms is located at M-K-T at 600 N Shepherd. After lunch we can wander around the nice retail shops in the M-K-T center.

Please respond to the RSVP in the May newsletter.  

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